I’m Sick in the Head

No, not mental issues, I’m talking about the fabled Man Flu (it’s real), the dreaded Lurgy, the common cold; whatever you may call it.

It all started with an innocent birthday lunch for Mrs. Foodie’s Oma (that’s Dutch for grandmother), last week Sunday. After arriving and completing the mandatory formalities of handshaking and birthday kisses, it was announced to my horror that Oma was sick… I knew I was doomed.

That evening, or the next (I can’t remember as Man Flu has damaged my memories), Mrs. Foodie and I started to develop sore throats and over the course of a week have proceeded through the usual cold symptoms namely; coughing, sore bodies, sleepless nights and ‘stuff’ trying to pour out of your sinuses if you show it a moment of weakness.

Hiding away from the world in quarantine
Hiding away from the world in quarantine

We all know it’s not much fun being sick; less so when the person who would usually look after you is wrapped up in bed next to you, looking just as sad. This is when you call a friend to help – Jack, Jim or Johnny, whoever is handy at the time. Everyone knows the healing powers of a warm lemon and honey drink, so it must be even better with a tot of booze. It’s also documented that alcohol makes a great sanitizer so surely if I drink enough it will start to remove all of the unwanted bugs in my body… ok so maybe not but it must be worth a go!

I could tell you to find some ripe lemons to squeeze or some fancy manuka honey with magical healing properties but let’s be honest, when faced with the heavy blow that is Man Flu, you don’t want to be doing any more than you need to.

So here’s the scoop:

  1. Start water boiling via electric kettle/jug whatever you wanna call it.
  2. Get an awesome pre-made bottle of lemon honey syrup (I used Baker-Halls Lemon & Barley) and put a slog of it into a mug.
  3. Find some whisky or whiskey, whatever your preference, yes there is a difference – nothing too fancy cause your nose is blocked you won’t be able to detect subtle peaty, smoky, floral nuances or any of that guff (I used the Irish whiskey Tullamore Dew which is delicious in its own right or with this)… yep you guessed it, put a good slog of that in your mug as well.
  4. Top up the mug with the boiled water.
  5. HEALTH & SAFETY!!! Important… blow on the drink before you gulp it down in your dozy plagued state, I don’t want anyone getting burnt tongues as well.

Whether you want to call it a hot toddy, cocktail, drink or remedy… it’s good and if you’re sick it’ll make you feel all good inside… at least till the bottom of your mug. Hope you get better soon!!!

BONUS: To make you feel extra good, pair the drink with your favourite mug cause it’s the little things that count. I like the one I used as it has a pic of Gizmo the corgi (R.I.P.), I reflected on how she was the funniest, craziest, fluffiest man’s best friend I ever did meet.

The lineup
The lineup

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